AIBI International Pte Ltd, an international company operating in health, beauty, and fitness industry, turned to Closely Coded to re-develop its company website to improve its design and usability.

Multi-Language Support - Singapore Web Design Multi-Language Support
AIBI is a multi-national company that is positioned in various countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and Australia. Together with Closely Coded, AIBI has launched a localised AIBI Indonesia website, delivered in both Bahasa and English language to cater specifically for Indonesia's market needs.
Easy to Update - Singapore Web Design Easy to Update
AIBI has different websites for different countries while each site contains different set of products and promotions. Managing each website separately may turn out to be a tedious task. However, with the help of our customised CMS, AIBI is able to manage products for each country by a simple tick in the panel, to enable or disable the product for that particular country.
Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website
The new AIBI website is now accessible from any popular browsers and mobile devices. Being able to display correctly in different browsers and devices means reaching more customer base as well.
Fast Loading Time - Singapore Web Design Fast Loading Time
With our caching system and other optimisation techniques, the whole AIBI website has been significantly improved to help customers easily find their products and outlets without too much waiting time.
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