Airestec is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of the Airestec System, a series of environmental friendly biochemical cleaning, treatment and odour control products. Originally from Australia, Airestec expanded to China in 2011 as Airestec China.  Together with Closely Coded, Airestec China has built a new website to specifically target the Chinese audience.

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Airestec website is targeting Chinese audience as well as international audience. In order to present the content better for both audiences, we have incorporated multi language support into the website so that visitors can freely choose to browse the website in Chinese or English.

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Besides promoting their products to the market, Airestec tries to educate visitors about healthy living, awareness about clean air conditioner, as well as mold and enzymes. In order to facilitate them to share this knowledge, we have incorporated a learning center page with social media commenting system.
Easy to Update - Singapore Web Design Easy to Update
Although Airestec website contains more than one language, it is very easy to update the contents of the website from our admin panel. To upload an article for both languages, you would not need to do the double work of configuring or uploading a picture twice. You just need to provide the translation in the admin panel.
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