Axel Storage is a one-stop service and solution provider for quality storage systems to all market segments such as warehousing, offices, retail and industrial. With a goal to retouch their website to give a more professional look and to have a more user-friendly admin panel to easily update the website, Closely Coded has designed a brand new website for Axel Storage.

Easy-to-Navigate Professional Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Navigate Professional Website
We have designed new Axel Storage website with the goal in mind to portray the professional image of the company and also to provide an easy-to-browse website for the users at the same time.
Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
Axel Storage website is developed using our custom CMS to allow easy updating of its website contents. Adding new products, testimonials, or projects are now as easy as few simple clicks.
Cross-Browser & Mobile-Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile-Friendly Website
Axel Storage website is designed to be cross-browser and mobile friendly across multiple browsers and mobile devices.
Product Catalog - Other Product Catalog
Projects - Axel Storage Projects - Axel Storage Projects - Axel Storage

"...Two thumbs up for the good job, prompt response and superb web design. Much recommended for almost anyone who needs a web page done."

Axel Storage

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