Founded in early 2014, Blackdashfur is an online fashion retailer based in Singapore. Blackdashfur was founded with the objective of bringing style to the public at the most affordable prices without surrendering to common solution of peddling low quality merchandise. 

Responsive Design - Singapore Web Design Responsive Design
These days, more and more people get used to browsing the web through their smartphones and tablets. The increasing number of mobile users makes website owner should consider to adapt responsive design on their sites. This design will make your website works effectively on desktop browsers, mobile phones and tablets.
Social Media Auto-Posting - Singapore Web Design Social Media Auto-Posting
Social media has become an essential aspect and also the cheapest way to introduce your business to customers online. That's why we equipped the new BlackDashFur website with Social Media Auto-Posting where the administrator can automatically share products, promotions or review to Facebook and Twitter via admin panel with only one single tick.
Bulk Upload - Singapore Web Design Bulk Upload

Adding products to your site one by one may be quite tedious, let alone you have so many products to be uploaded. This bulk upload feature will help you to upload your products all at once using CSV file.

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