Creme On Top is an online clothing blogshop initiated by two young ladies in Singapore. As an effort to provide a unique shopping experience to their customers, Creme On Top has entrusted Closely Coded to craft their new online shop website.

Integrated Online Store - Singapore Web Design Integrated Online Store
Experience a pleasant shopping experience at Creme On Top. Browse any products you like, view enlarged images for details, select any size and color match your preference. You can also enjoy seasonal coupon code and free shipping for purchases above a certain amount.
Backorder Support - Singapore Web Design Backorder Support
Creme On Top online store supports backorder system, which allows customers to order any products when they are out of stock. The product will then be delivered to the customers once it is back on stock.
Integrated Blog & Newsletter - Singapore Web Design Integrated Blog & Newsletter
Be updated of any news from Creme On Top. Visit their blog and find out the latest promotions or products on sale. Otherwise, subscribe to their newsletter and receive their promotions right on your inbox.
Easy to Update - Singapore Web Design Easy to Update
Creme On Top manages a wide variation of products for sale, each having various sizes, colors, and options. With our CMS - adding new products, updating inventory details, setting product on sale, and many more; these are now just as easy as a few simple clicks.
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