Dolphin Capital is one of the top real estate developers in Germany. Over the years, the reach of the group has transcended beyond Germany into Asia, including Singapore. Together with Closely Coded, Dolphin Capital Asia Pacific has revamped their website in order to better present their company and portfolio in the Singapore market.

User-Friendly Project Page - Singapore Web Design User-Friendly Project Page
Project page is one of the important pages in the Dolphin Capital website, as it showcases Dolphin Capital's past and ongoing projects. We have created an easy and intuitive interface for potential investors to browse different projects which Dolphin had.
Comprehensive Media Showcase - Singapore Web Design Comprehensive Media Showcase
Dolphin website is not only used to showcase their projects but also as a media platform to promote their events, share market knowledge, and many more.
Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly
Dolphin website is designed to be cross-browser and mobile friendly, to be viewable in latest popular browsers and devices.
Corporate - Property
Projects - Dolphin Capital Asia Pacific

"...We are very satisfied with the service they have provided and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking to create a stunning website."

Dolphin Capital Asia Pacific

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