Each-A-Cup is a home-grown Singapore brand with products originating from Taiwan. In the competitive bubble tea market, being creative and unique is important to keep the business growing. Together with the launch of their new revolutionary concept ‘Each-A-Brew’, we help them refresh their website experience with new design and ideas.

Social Media Integration - Singapore Web Design Social Media Integration
Not only we revamped the look and feel of Each-A-Cup website, we also integrated social media into the website. Share your favorite drink with your friends right from the website, or find out which drinks are the most popular.
Find Outlets Easier - Singapore Web Design Find Outlets Easier
Each-A-Cup currently has more than 40 stalls all over Singapore, and finding which one is nearest to you used to be difficult. In the new outlet page, browsing through different outlets by region, and finding out exactly where they are located on the map is just easy.
Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website
If you are an Each-A-Cup lover, you might notice that in the past you were not able to visit Each-A-Cup website from your iPhone or iPad. In the new website we have incorporated standard-compliant and best practices to make sure that the website is cross browser, and especially mobile friendly. 
Fast Loading Time - Singapore Web Design Fast Loading Time
Originally Each-A-Cup website was developed using Flash, which is not mobile friendly and slow to load. Now you can experience a much faster loading speed in the new website, even with more products being showcased. 
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