Fitness Indonesia is an initiative started in 2007 to bring elite fitness and training service to Indonesia. The clients they serve range from busy executives to couch potatoes who wants to improve their fitness and health condition. Together with Closely Coded, Fitness Indonesia has launched a new website to better serve their clients, feature their success stories, and share training tips.

Online Classroom Integration with Litmos LMS - Singapore Web Design Online Classroom Integration with Litmos LMS
Fitness Indonesia member area is powered by Litmos LMS (learning management system) to facilitate smooth communication between member and coach, as well to keep track of the training progress. Using Litmos API, we have integrated the LMS into our website system so that once a new member has confirmed their payment, automatically their account will be created and a welcome email will be sent.
Bank Transfer and PayPal Integration - Singapore Web Design Bank Transfer and PayPal Integration
Fitness Indonesia member registration is able to receive payment via PayPal, VISA, Master Card, or even bank transfer. Customers can now choose any payment method that is most comfortable for them.
Blog Subscription System - Singapore Web Design Blog Subscription System
Subscribe to email updates in Fitness Indonesia homepage or blog page to receive occasional updates freshly delivered from the Fitness Indonesia blog.
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