Girls in Paradise provides the trendiest outfits at affordable prices for you! Browse through their wide ranging catalogue and you will see that they feature a wide variety of different styles and accessories that have something for you in every occasion such as work, casual, dates and functions.

Simple Checkout Process - Singapore Web Design Simple Checkout Process
Shopping on Girls in Paradise website is quick and easy. Customers may buy their desired products easily as the checkout process is very simple to understand, even for first-timer.
Automatic Emailing System - Singapore Web Design Automatic Emailing System
We integrate automatic emailing system to Girls in Paradise e-Commerce website to help website administrator in recording every transaction details. Notification emails will be sent automatically to both administrator and customers. As an administrator, no more need to sent emails to customers again and again, let the system do it for you.
Integrated Membership System - Singapore Web Design Integrated Membership System
Girls in Paradise website is integrated with membership system. You will have a more convenient shopping experience by becoming a member in their website. As a member, you can track the status of your order online and you won’t need to keep entering the same personal particular whenever you place an order. Join as a member and enjoy the benefits!
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