PT. HARGEN NUSANTARA was established with the aim to meet the electricity need for people of Jakarta in particular, and Indonesia in general.

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Finding a specific product from many options may be tiresome. Product filtering can help you fasten your search by narrowing down your choices. Set the parameter of your search and with one click, you will find the qualified products to pick on from.
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We cautiously designed the new Hargen website to meet the requirements set by our client. The website is not only eyes-pleasing, but also easy to navigate.

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We have run some tests to ascertain that the website is well-displayed and fully functioning in all kind of desktop and mobile browsers. Whatever the devices your visitors are using, you can rest assure that your website will work well.
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"I love the clean and professional design that they produced. Also, they were going the extra miles when doing implementation and populating the contents, to make sure everything is just as I wanted. Perfect! ..."

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