HOF Consulting is Singapore’s first human capital consulting firm specialising in building recruitment process for organisation. Together with Steven Yeong — founder of HOF Consulting, Closely Coded sets out to revamp HOF Consulting website to create a community of corporate recruiters and 3rd party recruitment consultants where ideas can be shared, discussed, and tested.

Blog Integration - Singapore Web Design Blog Integration
As a platform to exchange and discuss ideas, we integrated the blog engine into HOF Consulting website. Visitors can read useful articles about recruitment, discuss idea through Facebook commenting system, and share interesting articles via social media in one place.
Conference Registration & Management - Singapore Web Design Conference Registration & Management
Occasionally, HOF Consulting organizes conferences or events for corporate recruiters and recruitment consultants to meet and exchange ideas. We designed the website so that every event details can be easily published and updated. And for visitors, registration for those events can be done online seamlessly.
Cross Browser & Mobile Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross Browser & Mobile Friendly Website
Visit HOF Consulting website and read their blog from anywhere in the world. HOF Consulting website is mobile-friendly and rendered properly in various iPhone and Android devices.
Blog Subscription System - Singapore Web Design Blog Subscription System

Subscribe to blog updates in HOF Consulting homepage and receive interesting articles about new technique and strategy in recruitment from the experts.

Projects - HOF Consulting

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