As an online star, Jayesslee is using a lot of different media to stay connected with their fans, namely Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and many more. Each media offers unique services which require their fans to keep checking different websites to keep updated. Together with Jayesslee, Closely Coded tries to bring a new experience by designing a website which can be a single-stop solution for their fans to easily keep watch for any new updates.

Social Media Integration - Singapore Web Design Social Media Integration
Read Jayesslee's new posts, like their Facebook page, or visit any of Jayesslee's social media directly from the homepage of Jayesslee website. Moreover, social media integration comes to their Blog as well where you will be able to share what they have written on your Facebook and Twitter.
Blog Integration - Singapore Web Design Blog Integration
Watch out for any exciting announcements from Jayesslee with our blog integration in Jayesslee website. You can read the latest post right from the homepage too.
Photo & Video Gallery - Singapore Web Design Photo & Video Gallery
Know more about Jayesslee and what they have been doing recently from the website photo and video gallery. Experience the new way we layout their Youtube video in the website and keep updated with new videos without visiting their Youtube.
Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website
Check what is new on Jayesslee website wherever you are. Jayesslee website is mobile-friendly and rendered properly in various iPhone and Android browsers.
Projects - Jayesslee Projects - Jayesslee Projects - Jayesslee

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