Kid2Youth provides ergonomic furniture for children, teens and adults in Singapore. Their desks and chairs are designed to encourage good sitting posture and to prevent spinal injuries. In order to better promote their products online, Closely Coded has designed a brand new website for them.

Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
We designed Kid2Youth website to be easy-to-update by internal administrators. Adding new products, changing product details, adding new testimonials and promotions are as easy as editing a simple word document.
Social Media Integration - Singapore Web Design Social Media Integration
We have integrated social media into Kid2Youth website. Not only by placing the link on the website header, but also by fetching the Facebook news feed in the home page and integrating Facebook comments inside the blog.
Integrated Product Search - Singapore Web Design Integrated Product Search
Kid2Youth sells a lot of different products from various brands. With integrated product search in the website, we make it much easier for customers to search for a specific product they are looking for. Simply fill in the search keyword and you will be able to find the product you are looking for.
Product Catalog - Accessories Product Catalog
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