LeChic is a Singapore-based online retailer specialising in ladies' fashion. They hope to bring simple yet stylistic chic everyday wear to elevate any woman on the street to fashionistas without breaking the bank too much! 

Product Flipping - Singapore Web Design Product Flipping
We integrate product flipping feature on LeChic website which makes the first 2 product pictures to flip when the product is on hover on the categories page. If you would like to feature products with colour options, this feature is the best choice to show your customers that your products are available in several colours.
PayPal & Bank Transfer Integration - Singapore Web Design PayPal & Bank Transfer Integration
With PayPal and Bank Transfer integration, customers may choose the most convenient payment method for them. Payment won’t be a problem anymore as LeChic online store is able to receive payment via PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and bank transfer.
Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
Need to update your website regularly? Our content management system (CMS) is very user friendly, updating or changing the contents on the website is very easy. Just login into your admin panel and make the changes.
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"...The inhouse system that Closely Coded uses is relatively simple to use compared to other platforms as it only shows you what you most require and the functions that you don’t normally need would not be visible because each system is customized to fit the web design and the user..."


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