Marlebel Box is created by a collaboration of two friends, who have a common idea of a pleasant shopping experience for women and their children. As a fashion retailer, offering excitement and accessibility, our mission is to help the customers look great and feel great.

Refer a Friend - Singapore Web Design Refer a Friend
Referral plays an important role in gaining more customers as people have the tendency to trust the recommendation given by friends or relatives. We use this knowledge to help Marlebel Box widen their number of customers by installing Refer a Friend feature on their new website.
Social Media Auto Posting - Singapore Web Design Social Media Auto Posting
Want to keep all of your customers up to date about the newly-added products on your website? They may not check your website regularly, but most of them do check on their social media accounts. So, integrate Social Media Auto Posting on your online shop and you won't need to do the monotonous job anymore. Just upload your product on your website and with a single tick, it will also be published on your social media like Facebook and Twitter.
Auto Birthday Discount Coupon - Singapore Web Design Auto Birthday Discount Coupon
Customers are the base of any business, without them, you won't succeed in whatever you are doing. So why don't you give them a special treat, especially on their birthday? With our Auto Birthday Discount Coupon, the system will automatically generate a coupon and send it to the respective customers in the beginning of their birthday month. Let them feel special and they will place more orders on your store!
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