Mashgate Pte Ltd has been the standard of quality for Materials Handling Equipment for over 25 years in Singapore for warehouses, stores and logistics. Since 1984, Mashgate Pte Ltd has been committed to ethically sourcing and delivering the highest quality Materials Handling Equipment as well as service standards.

Custom Design - Singapore Web Design Custom Design
Mashgate website is an informative website for Renting / Selling Forklift. The main purpose of their website is to get people to contact the website owner, so we decided to provide Contact Us button on every page of this website to make it easier for viewers to gain information or make enquiries. Each product on the Featured Inventory page was also armed with a pop-up contact us form. This well-thought-out design is believed to be able to portray the professional look and fulfill the objective of the website creation.
Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
With our content management system (CMS), updating or changing the contents on the website is as easy as few simple clicks. Website administrators simply need to log in and change the contents via the website admin panel.
Easy-to-Navigate Professional Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Navigate Professional Website
We have designed new Mashgate website with the goal in mind to portray the professional image of the company and also to provide an easy-to-browse website for the users at the same time.
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"...Couldn't explain in words how well the design team is working but they are able to deliver more than what I have expected."


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