School Of DanceSport is a Singapore-based dance school for Latin, Ballroom, and Yoga. With the goal to provide a better user experience for visitors and refresh its overall design, we have worked with School of DanceSport to revamp their previous website.

Improved Content Structure - Singapore Web Design Improved Content Structure
School of DanceSport website contains a lot of information and content. With the revamped navigation and restructuring of website content, the new website now provides a seamless browsing experience for all visitors.
Photo Gallery Integration - Singapore Web Design Photo Gallery Integration
In the new website, a photo gallery has been added to feature the documentation of latest event or competition which the school has been participating in.
Easy to Update - Singapore Web Design Easy to Update
With our customised CMS, School of DanceSport administrator is now able to update the website easily and regularly. Everything from homepage banner, class schedule, press release, testimonial, and other pages, all content can be updated easily from one single panel.
Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile Friendly Website
School of DanceSport website supports all popular browsers, including mobile ones such as iOS and Android browser. Now you can browse the new website from any of your devices.
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