Do you enjoy diving? Sunny Cove was founded by few dedicated dive professionals in early 2005 with a strong emphasis on passing the passion and the fun of diving. Together with Closely Coded, SunnyCove has revamped their website with comprehensive information about their diving schedules and online registration with membership system.

Online Registration With Membership System - Singapore Web Design Online Registration With Membership System
Online registration system allows customers to register for their favourite dive expeditions easily online. Furthermore, our membership system will safely retain their personal details for the next time they want to register for another dive - your customers will not have to key in their details twice.
Smart Scheduling System - Singapore Web Design Smart Scheduling System
With our smart scheduling system, users can see not only the overall dive schedule, but also specific schedules which belong to certain course / locations. For example, while users are trying to find out more information about Pulau Tioman in the website, the system will automatically filter the schedule to only show dive expeditions which go to Pulau Tioman.
Cross-Browser & Mobile-Friendly Website - Singapore Web Design Cross-Browser & Mobile-Friendly Website
Sunny Cove website is designed to be cross-browser and mobile friendly without compromising the design and functionalities of the website.
Projects - Sunny Cove Projects - Sunny Cove

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