The Little Affair is a Singapore-based online store that aims to offer trendy children's clothing and accessories at pocket-friendly prices. The Little Affair presents to you fashion forward apparels for boys and girls aged 2 to 8.

Product Flipping - Singapore Web Design Product Flipping
The Little Affair website is supported with product flipping feature which enables the first 2 product images to flip on product catalogue pages. This feature may be useful if you would like to feature products which have more than one colour options.
Simple Checkout Process - Singapore Web Design Simple Checkout Process
Purchasing an item in The Little Affair website is quick and easy. With our simple 2-step checkout process, the website provides easy-to-understand guidance as customers finish filling in their billing details.
Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
With our content management system (CMS), updating or changing the contents on the website is as easy as few simple clicks. Website administrators simply need to log in and change the contents via the website admin panel.
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"...Tery and his team provided great service. They were very patient and understanding with my perfectionism as well as efficient to address any issues we had. We will definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a beautiful website!"

The Little Affair

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