The Paused is a ladies' apparel online store. Moving on from the livejournal platform, The Paused has created an user-friendly and e-commerce website for shoppers, aiming to be a "Wardrobe Fashionista" over the years.

Simple Checkout Process - Singapore Web Design Simple Checkout Process
Purchasing an item in The Paused website is quick and easy. With our simple 2-step checkout process, the website provides easy-to-understand guidance as customers finish filling in their billing details.
Pleasant Online Shopping Experience - Singapore Web Design Pleasant Online Shopping Experience
Every detail in The Paused website was designed to make online shopping a fun-filled and easy experience for its users. From the collections page, users can shop for the apparels they want, also to view the product pictures from different angles before deciding on a purchase.
Easy-to-Update Website - Singapore Web Design Easy-to-Update Website
The Paused new website is easy to manage and update. Adding new product, creating new discount promotion, processing customer orders, seeing order reports are very simple and straightforward in The Paused admin panel.
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Projects - The Paused Projects - The Paused Projects - The Paused

"...Guiding me through and always responsive and attentive to my questions and help me from time to time to met expectation and to cater to my needs. In addition, I would like to highlight, beside the processing and to launching of The Paused webpage, even after-sales-service were excellent too!"

The Paused

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