Initiated by a couple who believes that kids clothing should not be expensive, The Penny Shop was born. Together with Closely Coded, they have built an extensive e-commerce website to market their kids clothing online.

Integrated Online Store - Singapore Web Design Integrated Online Store
The Penny Shop website has an online store integrated into the website. To be able to browse their collection seamlessly for different clothing categories, easy navigation, quick check-out, and coupon management systems are just several features we have implemented into the site.
Social Media Integration - Singapore Web Design Social Media Integration
Social media such as Facebook is one of the tools that The Penny Shop can use to connect with their target market easily. With their website integrated to social media, The Penny Shop can effortlessly publish any new products to their Facebook page right from our admin panel.
Newsletter and Membership System - Singapore Web Design Newsletter and Membership System
It is essential to keep customers always interested about your products and shop. We have implemented a newsletter and membership system to help The Penny Shop reach out easily to their customers.
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