Water Mango Swimwear (WMSwimwear) started its business of selling funky swimwears from a blogspot. Now aiming to reach a broader audience and streamlining their business processes, WMSwimwear has engaged Closely Coded to develop their e-commerce website.

Customised Online Store - Singapore Web Design Customised Online Store
WMSwimwear online store features many different types of swimwears and accessories. Browsing different products, finding discounted or popular items, viewing product details are now easier than ever.
Integrated Membership System - Singapore Web Design Integrated Membership System
Registered WMSwimwear member enjoys membership discount on each purchase. This system helps to create loyal customers, while helping WMSwimwear to analyze their sales based on membership.
Easy to Update - Singapore Web Design Easy to Update
WMSwimwear has a wide variation of products for sale. Adding a new product, editing each inventory, setting item on sale, and many more; these are just as easy as a few clicks with our CMS.
Social Media Integration - Singapore Web Design Social Media Integration
Our social media integration is not only limited to Facebook Newsfeed integration on WMSwimwear homepage. With our CMS, we also helped WMSwimwear to automatically publish their products to their Facebook page with just a simple click.
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"...With Closely Coded Pte Ltd.'s web design and development knowledge, and their flexibility to customize the web design to your business needs, I recommend them as a long-term business partner..."

Water Mango Swimwear

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